Ocean Paper

Upcoming Token Launch Sale

WhaleMaker aspires to be the de facto standard process for all web3 development solutions, and deal aggregation in the DAO launchpad’s ecosystem. Join our Telegram and Discord channels for launch date announcements.
Token Utility
Our native Token allows for the following:
Crypto Buyers Access to exclusive deals to early crypto gaming, Metaverse, and NFTs projects. Including potential whitelisting opportunities.
Whale Token allows you to access deals, self-manage and participate with our network. As we acquire additional projects, the utility of our token will grow. Membership is divided into tiers, with more significant pre-sale allocations going to token holders on the list with the required number of tokens in their wallets.
Crypto Startups can utilize WAKER tokens to access discounts on all web3, crypto development services from our platform. Note: Our token is not a security.
*You are not guaranteed any returns or financial gains from purchasing our tokens at any time. Our token is for direct utility. Holders will use the native token to interact with our ecosystem and gain access deals to inner memberships. We do not endorse any projects or clients using our platform and will be enforced by community members from our DAO.*