Ocean Paper

Membership Access For Crypto Buyers

*subject to change updates*
Membership in WhakeMaker is broken down into the following tier groups.
Each tier will get an allocation based upon the number of tokens held by the individual: The more tokens held, the higher the accessible level.
WhaleMaker will provide higher tiers with additional allocation opportunities, rewards, and special privileges.
🐳 Level 1 Baby: 500+ WAKER Tokens
🐳 Level 2 Juvenile Whale: 2,000+ WAKER Tokens
🐳 Level 3 Young Whale: 15,000+ WAKER Tokens
🐳 Level 4 Adult Whale: 80,000+ WAKER Tokens
🐳 Level 5 Oceanic Leviathan: Top 10 Holders of WAKER tokens. Includes voting rights and governance. Token access subject to change
How does It work? Users purchase Whale tokens and will be provided access based on the tier level that corresponds to a user's total amount. The more tokens, the higher the weighted allocation. Some projects may be exclusively reserved for higher tiers.
Token Burns The total supply of WHALE is deflationary. Members are allowed to contribute Whale tokens for membership perks. As our ecosystem develops, tokens will be used as internal currency and burned. Governance members may also vote to market-buy and burn tokens upon discretion.