Ocean Paper

What We Do

WhaleMaker is divided into two core products:
  1. 1.
    Crypto development services - that provides all web 3.0 services via our partners. Users will gain the most comprehensive, community-building experience in the Cryptocurrency and NFT sphere for crypto creators and collectors.
  2. 2.
    DAO Launchpad - Coming soon will be our launchpad which we are working with legal, and developers to produce. This will be an equitable solution run by the community for potential deals.
We aim to disrupt the cycle of early-stage NFT and token deals in cryptocurrency companies. While launchpads currently exist, many offer simply funding and even misrepresent themselves as providing investment vehicles.
Instead, we believe in combining development resources for clients and cultivating long-term relationships with the initiatives we support, assisting in establishing organic growth that leads to long-term success. Also, allow startups to create a project, get funded, and launch. Crypto buyers, in turn, interact with entrepreneurs and access "more" interesting projects from the start. We are here to develop a community of creators, purchasers, and promising projects. Everyone benefits from this circumstance.