"WhaleStarter NFT Membership" Sale and Alpha Group

Our upcoming unique collection of WhaleStarter NFTs will include a limited edition run of NFTs for early supporters.

These can be used to gain access to our Exclusive Alpha Group, potential deals from collabs, and access to future tools. As our project grows, we'll be including new deals for users who hold our NFT collection. In addition rare traits including "Golden Tophats" will gain perks. Our NFT will have a unique collection of various rare traits. Our goal with our NFT collection is simple. Allow NFT holders to gain an unfair advantage in the crypto market, and reward members with perks and membership access.

NFT holders will gain exclusive access to our Alpha Group, Private Content, and access to deals via our partners. In addition, priority will be given to this platform which will feature the latest crypto gaming and NFT creators, and give a voice to all creators.

Unsold NFTs will be either sold or removed from the market. Although, the likelihood of this is very low.

Join our Discord for further information.

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